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This Week on the Island 08/28/2011

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.
The first picture this week (click to enlarge) is ‘Hurricane Irene’, the second picture is ‘jet skis’ on the Atlantic side of the island the same day the Atlantic side of Florida was battling Irene. The third picture is ‘underwater’ at the corner of Green and Elizabeth. Our street drains, empty into the ocean, so extra high tides can be a challenge.

Weather: Beautiful. Hot and humid with a chance of rain. Lots of sunshine.

This week I read ‘Dead in the water’ by Stuart Woods.

Lots of cruise ships this week. The cruise lines are having to send their ships here instead of the Bahamas’. We have had as many as 4 ships in one day. The good news is it has been beautiful here. Thursday while Hurricane Irene was off Miami in the Atlantic, we had absolutely beautiful weather.

I started a log about a tropical storm coming our way, but it was renamed Hurricane Irene and it turned and headed north. I thought it would be interesting for some of you to read how we lived thru a hurricane. Oh well, maybe next time.

Hurricanes spin in a counter-clockwise direction. So on Thursday while the hurricane was off the coast of Miami, Key West had a nice cool breeze brought down here from the north by the spin of the hurricane. Saturday there was no breeze and it was hot with the hurricane pulling the heat from south up to Key West.

It has been very quiet in Key West this week if you did not go down to Duval Street. It has been packed down there with all the cruise ship passengers. There were lots of folks that had never been to Key West before. There were also some folks were disappointed that they did not get to go the Bahamas’. The ships leave at sunset so Duval Street is pretty deserted at night.

With most of the island only populated by us locals, it was a good week for an adult beverage at some of the places I love to go, and some places I don’t get to go because of too many tourists. I would like to thank my out-of-town friends at Schooner for the chicken bones for Sassi and Boca.

Saturday the tourist with cars were back and there was no place to park downtown.

Key West, You have got to love it
'Living the life that others dream'
Doug Bennett
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Sassi dancing to Schooner Wharf Bar Dog.