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This Week on the Island 10/29/2006

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.

The Weather: An interesting week. We celebrate 1 year since Hurricane Wilma flooded the island by having a storm move in on Monday and flooding many streets. Then a cold front came thru for Tuesday and Wednesday and then it got back up to 88 degrees.

This week's book was 'Alexis' Island' by David L. Hemmel and Janette C. Knutson. What a great little book. You and your kids will enjoy it. I have known Alex for years. We talk while he waits for the school bus and he pets the dogs. Another book was 'The Hangover Survival Guide' by Sloan and Shultz (the same guys that wrote 'Quite Your Job and Move to Key West'.

This was 'Fantasy Fest' week. Party's all over town, but most of the action was on the first couple of block of Duval Street. There are 'tea parties', toga parties', get painted parties', you name it and there was a party. My favorite is the costume parade from the graveyard to Duval on Friday afternoon and the Fantasy Fest parade down Duval on Saturday night. If it is painted it is not naked. There are spots all over town to get painted. Most of them are set up so the crowd can watch. You can get an adult beverage and watch beautiful young ladies as they strip to the waist and get painted.

Thursday afternoon a guy in a van, with blacked out windows, parked in the no parking zone in front of my house. He sat in the van for some time and then moved it across the street to another no parking zone. Next a bunch of cops, 'bad boy, bad boy, what you going to do', came up the street and the guy in the van joined them. These guys were all dressed in the black cop 'stuff' including bullet proof vest. They jumped on the porch of the house down the street and kicked the front door in. They all ran inside with weapons drawn. We smelled pepper spray. They all came out and the dog went in. Then they sat around on the porch for about an hour and everybody left. 'WONDER WHAT THAT WAS ALL ABOUT?'. I later learned that an undercover cop sold an 18 year old a bag of grass, another undercover cop purchased some grass from the kid and then they sent the team to his house to bust him. I feel sorry for the kid, because they set him up.

Many of my Parrot Head friends have starting to arrive on the island to catch the end of Fantasy Fest and the beginning of MOTM (the Parrot Head Convention).

Key West, You have got to love it
'Meet me at the end of the road' - Conky Tonkin'- Jimmy Buffett
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