Saturday, September 09, 2006

This Week on the Island 09/10/2006

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.

Key West: (I am displaying pictures of places the Parrot Heads may want to visit when they come to Key West in November.) The picture this week is Shrimp Boat Sounds. Jimmy Buffetts recording studio on the Key West Bight at the corner of Elizabeth and Green.

The Weather: Just another beautiful week in paradise, high 80's in the day and low 80's at night.

This week's book was 'Dark Light' another by Randy Wayne White 2006. This is another detective story that takes place in the Florida Keys. I enjoyed the book. I didn't know they had POW camps for Germans in Florida in WWII.

This Week was the VA Hospital in Miami for 'total knee replacement'. We spent Labor Day in Key West getting ready for the trip. We drove to Miami on Tuesday and stopped at Alabama Jacks for lunch but they wouldn't let Wyleigh and Sassi in, so we left. We checked into the Extended Stay America in Miami. Jo brought the dogs, her turtles and her fish. Wednesday morning at 6:00 AM we drove to the VA hospital for surgery. (They cut a long incision down the front of your knee so they can get to the bone. They cut the top off the bottom bone (Tibia/Fibula) and the bottom off the top bone (Femur) and removed the knee. They drilled a hole in each bone and inserted a new titanium knee. Thank God for drugs.) Except in my case they said the air conditioning is not working in the surgical room so your surgery is cancelled and will be rescheduled. We went back to the hotel, checked out, and drove back to Key West. We stopped at Hog Heaven (MM86) for lunch with the dogs and enjoyed an adult beverage or two. NOTE: Friday the VA called and I am rescheduled for the surgery Sept 15th.

This week was 'Women in Paradise' or 'Dikes on Bikes' as the locals like to call it. There were over 5,000 registered for the festivities. Most activities were at Atlantic Shores on the other side of the island. Friday was a trip to Fort Zackary out at the Dry Tortugas and Friday night was Sister Funk on the 600-700 block of Duval Street.

Saturday there was a fishing tournament, The Mercury Grand Slam, at Conch Republic Seafood.

A whale grounded itself and died in the Keys. It was towed to sea and sank. A storm washed it up at the Key West end of the 7 mile bridge on the gulf side.

Key West, You have got to love it
'Meet me at the end of the road' - Conky Tonkin'- Jimmy Buffett
Doug Bennett
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