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This Week on the Island 05/14/2006

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.
Key West: a city of change. The picture this week is of the ship wreak Wisteria. It ran aground just off Mallory square. Its' deck was used for processing sharks. When the government dug out the ship channel they built 2 islands. Tank Island and Wisteria Island (where the old ship sat). Tank Island got its' name because the Navy used it to store large tanks of fuel for its' fleet. It is now owned by the Hilton Hotels and called Sunset Key. Wisteria Island would later be called Christmas Tree Island.

The Weather: It is hot and humid, but we have had NO rain since Hurricane Wilma in October. Wilma was a dry hurricane with lots of wind and almost no rain, but flooded the island with saltwater with her tidal surge. We need rain and it is 3 week until the wet (hurricane) season.

This weeks book was 'Changes in Attitude' by Kathleen Shaputis. It was a gift so I read it. The story is of two California women who are friends, one is shorter, married with kids; the other is tall, Corporate business owner and single no kids. The Tall one get artificial insemination, and then meets the man of her dreams in the end of the book. They never leave California, but the tall one likes Buffett. I would think the title and the book cover with a Parrot on it may get some Parrot Heads to read it. Definitely NOT my type of book.

To harvest sugarcane the first thing that is done is to burn the fields. The stalks remain and the leaves that are sharp enough to cut thru clothing are burned. Cuba is harvesting sugar cane and Key West is covered with smoke in the air.

The Casa Marina is going to do some massive 'updating' and will be in a state of construction for the next two years.

If you are at the Hilton and walk along the water front to the west you will reach 'Captains Cut' and can go no further. If you go to the water front behind Truman Annex and walk east you will reach 'Captains Cut' and can go no further. It looks like Key West is finally going to build a small bridge across this water and make the entire waterfront accessible. It should be similar to the small bridge connection the Hilton and Mallory Square.

We had 'Dragon Boat' racing in the harbor at Mallory Square Saturday. They are long skinny boats with dragon heads on them and a bunch of people rowing.

Schooner Wharf was closed by the Health Department for a few hours Tuesday night. Someone saw a rat. It had to be caught before they could reopen.

One of our own (local Parrot Head and Membership Chair for the club) is leaving the Island. We met at Schooner for a fairwell breakfast. Hal and Marilou will be missed.

---------------PERSONAL INFORMATION------------------------------
Four months ago (Dec 28) I went to the VA for a blood test. The results showed my total cholesterol to be near 250. I have since lost 20 pounds, ate lots of broiled fish, and honey and oats cereal. No bread, no french fries, no mayonnaise, no red meat, etc. I had a new blood test at the VA (April 28) and the results show that my total cholesterol is now 155. That is an almost 100 point drop in 4 months. I am proud of me.

Key West, You have got to love it
'Meet me at the end of the road' - Conky Tonkin'- Jimmy Buffett
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