Saturday, September 19, 2015

This Week on the Island 09/20/2015

‘This Week on the Island’ is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.
Weather: Lots of rain this week. Cooled the temperature down to the mid 80's. Nice by the weekend.
This week was Key West Musicians Festival Saturday and Sunday at Smokin’ Tuna    

SATURDAY: Initial Schedule of the 5th Annual Key West Musicians Festival Saturday September 19 2015
2:00 Rich "in Spirit" McKay
2:40 Chief Billy
3:00 Claire Finley Jam
3:50 Caribe of Key West
4:35 Rolando Rojas
4:55 Tony Roberts
5:15 Shastina Chiles w/ Myles Mancuso
5:40 Patrick and the Swayzees
6:05 Debbie Cunard and Popeye Cunard
6:25 The Shanty Hounds Dani Hoy and Chris Rehm
7:00 Michael McCloud
7:40 Mike Emerson
8:10 Frankendread
8:50 Deb Hudson
9:15 Caffeine Carl
Schedule subject to change *Three different harp players Jersey Slim, John Jones, and Stan Coffman, will be joining others on stage at different times. +There will be several drummers...including Mick Kilgos. They will be they become known.

 SUNDAY: Initial Schedule of the 5th Annual Key West Musicians Festival Sunday September 20 2015
2:00 Bahama Village Social Club
2:35 Uncle Bob Heffington
3:00 Lone Star of David Clint Bullard Al Subarsky
3:40 Bill Blue Larry Baeder Mick Kilgos Francois Gehin
4:20 Ben Harrison Larry Baeder
4:40 Mary Spear
5:00 Carl Peachey Project
5:25 Jack Chiniski
5:45 Liz OConnor
6:05 Dora Gholson Greg Gerace
6:50 Emily J Springsteen-Musician
7:10 Gregory Robin Lane
7:25 Steve Gibson
7:50 Gabriel Wright
8:10 Gina Maseratti
8:25 Ray West

And then there was the Poker Run. Drive down US#1 and stop at designated places and get a card. Turn in your cards in Key West. Best hand wins.

Key West you have got to love it
'Close to Perfect, far from Normal’
Doug Bennett
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