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This Week on the Island 04/05/2015

‘This Week on the Island’ is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.
Weather: Beautiful. Again, same as last week. In the low 80’s with lots of sun. ‘All the days are the same here’, Jimmy Buffett.
This week I read ‘The Automatic Millionaire’ by David Bach. Automatic meaning have money from your paycheck automatically invested each payday. Nothing new here, just wanted to see what Jo and I had done that agrees with him. There was only one thing I disagreed with and one I think he left out.  (1) The one that is always left out is finding out where you are spending your money now. Early in our marriage, we left the house each day with a certain amount and listed on a pad all the money we spent that day. At the end of the month it is easy to see where the money went. (2) The one I disagreed with was the automatic deposit of the MAX you can in an employee matching 401K. I think you should put in the max the employer matches but not the max allowed. (Employer matches 6% but you can put in 10%.) I think you should put the extra 4% into an investment that you can control.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and hope you find all the eggs. The rabbit on the basket on my trike.

-------------------Jimmy Buffett--------------------
Wednesday, April 1st was Buffett on the big screen over at Higgs Beach. Lots of people voted on a playlist of Buffett songs. 200 of the people that voted got into the San Carlos for free to watch Buffett as he played the top 27 songs. A large screen was set up at Margarittaville and on Higgs Beach. It was wonderful to sit in beach chairs on the sand by the Atlantic as the sun went down and watch the concert. Jo and I had a great time.

-------------------Howard Livingston-----------------------
Then Saturday afternoon there was a concert by Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 (MM24) Band down at the Truman Annex. Jo and I loaded up the trikes with chairs and beer and headed out. It was lots of fun.

After the concert ended, the clouds rolled in.

 I think I may have mention it before: I really like living here.

Key West you have got to love it
'Close to Perfect, far from Normal’
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