Saturday, February 06, 2016

This Week on the Island 02/07/2016

‘This Week on the Island’ is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.
Weather: Beautiful a couple of days, cold and raining for the weekend.
On one of the beautiful days this week I saw these ladies working on the Schooner America 2.0.

I also saw my old 1998 Jeep that I was driving when we moved to Key West. It still has the same tires, but the tan top has been replaced by a black top.

This week was also Civil War Days down at Fort Zack.

It was cold and raining so I got these pictures from my old blogs.

Saturday was a road trip up to Marathon Key and back. We drove the Hummer.

This is the VET in Marathon. Lots of dollars later we headed for home.
The trip home.

Key West you have got to love it
'Close to Perfect, far from Normal’
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