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This Week on the Island 05/13/2012

This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.
Weather: It is getting warmer with more humidity. I walk the dogs at 5:30 AM and it is already in the high 70’s. Then it goes on up to the mid 80’s. We had to turn on the a/c because of the humidity.

This week I read ‘Freezer Burn’ by Joe E. Lansdale.

Ten years ago we sank the Spiegel Grove for an artificial reef. A few years ago we sank the Vandenberg for an artificial reef. There has been a lot of discussion about the floating museums at the Truman Waterfront and how much room they take up (the Mohawk and the Ingham). I guess some of that will be solved when we sink the Mohawk as an artificial reef. It leaves Key West on Monday.

Jo and I, dressed as pirates, walked with the Schooner Wharf crowd in the Conch Republic Days parade. A friend of ours, Joe, posted this video and it is a good one. He does a great job. You will note that in the Conch Republic Military we salute with the left hand.

A bunch of tourist on jet skies on a tour around the island stopped between the
Carnival Miracle and the Carnival Imagination. I just happened to be down at the Truman Waterfront on Jo’s electric tricycle.

Drug runners wrap their bales of weed in plastic. When the Coast Guard starts chasing them they throw it overboard. When we find it floating or washed up on shore we call it a ‘square grouper’. This week the Coast Guard pulled 2 ‘square groupers’ out of the water. One valued at $15,000 and the other at $20,000. Picture of small square grouper thanks to

Fast Buck Freddie’s is having a going out of business sale starting Friday.

Bobalus next to the Green Parrot is closing and reopening as a bar-b-que place.

This week was my 68th birthday. I seem to be still going strong (for an old guy). It helps to live in an interesting place with lots to do and warm weather. I am 6 foot and weigh 180 pounds (been on a diet). My blood pressure is 110/70 and my cholesterol is below 200 (I’m working on that also). I have my share of stitches and scars, broken bones, a titanium knee and wire in my skull. I live on a tropical island, my wife and dogs love me, and I have lots of friends. I couldn’t ask for more. Life has been good to me.


Now for a little bit of old age wisdom and things I have notices as I got here. Listed in no particular order.
1. Some old people are fun to be around. They didn’t change overnight. Be that way now if you want to be that way when you get older.
2. Old people are all bent over. Remember basic training---Stand up straight, shoulders back, chest out and suck in that gut.
3. Old people breathe thru their mouth a lot. Don’t do it.
4. Old people talk with their mouth full. Don’t do it.
5. Old people smell funny. Bath daily rather you need to or not.
6. Take care of your body; it will take care of you.
7. Exercise your body and your mind.
8. Get out, meet people, and become involved.
9. SMILE. It is the cheapest face-lift available.
10. Of the people in the world, 99.9% don’t know you exist, Most of those that do know you, don’t care, and so be good to those that do care.
11. When you were very young, all you had was family. In school you had lots of friends. In work you knew lots of people. In old age you again have family. (Note: family does not have to be blood related).
12. There is a big wide beautiful world out there. Go out and enjoy it.
13. Religion and Politics. Everybody has theirs; I don’t want to hear about yours.

Key West, You have got to love it
'Living the life that others dream'
Doug Bennett
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Sassi dancing to Schooner Wharf Bar Dog.