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This Week on the Island 09/18/2011

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.
The first picture this week (click to enlarge) is ‘Bikes at Sloppy Joe’s’. The second picture is ‘Bikes at Conch Republic’. The third picture is ‘Tattoos and Scars’.

Weather: September is here with the height of hurricane season and the temperature in the high 80’s every day and lots of humidity and lots of sunshine.

No book this week.

I love September after Labor Day. The tourist goes home and the locals have the place to ourselves. Lots of room in the bars, lots of places to park a car, bike riding is much safer, etc, etc. Other than the weekend events, it should stay this way until around Halloween when we have Fantasy Fest.

This weekend was a Poker Run with about 10,000 bike riders arriving in Key West for the event. In a Poker Run there are places set up on the Keys Highway (US1) all down the keys. The bikers stop at these spots and get a poker card. When they get here they check-in with their poker hand. The winner gets a prize. The real winners are the city of Key West, the bars/restaurants and the servers at these bar/restaurants. The bikers have a great reputation as very good tippers.

My ‘Tourist of the Week’ has got to be the young lady with the long blond hair in the little white string bikini and knee high black boots riding the Harley down Duval in front of Sloppy Joe’s.

There is a building on Green Street, next to old City Hall, that had an Asian restaurant and The Key West Cigar Store in it. It was converted into a bar/restaurant named ‘Ernesto’s’ which never opened. Here we are two years later and a new bar/restaurant is getting ready to open in that building. This place is called ‘Tattoos and Scars’ and I hope they make it. (‘In the tropics they come and they go’, Jimmy Buffett.)

NOTE: I like the name ‘Tattoos and Scars.’ With tattoos being very popular today and people talking about their tattoos, I tell people all my tattoos look like ‘Scars and Stitches’.

I had my physical this week. I am 67 years old, 6 foot tall and weigh 190 pounds. My blood pressure is 120/80 and my total cholesterol is 165. I seem to be in pretty good shape for an old guy.

Key West, You have got to love it
'Living the life that others dream'
Doug Bennett
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