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This Week on the Island 08/24/2008

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The picture this week (click to enlarge) is ‘Conga Café’ on Green across from Sloppy Joe’s. A new Cuban café.

The Weather: A small storm (Fay) Monday, Beautiful the rest of the week.

The book this week was ‘The Sound and the Fury’ by William Faulkner.

‘I ain’t afraid of nothing but the hurricane blow’. Michael McCloud ‘Hurricane Blow’.


Sunday: Jo left Charlotte headed back to Key West. Tropical Storm Fay left the Caribbean and headed for Key West. All visitors were told to leave Key West.

Monday: Jo got to Key West about 2 hours before the outer bands of Fay. We sat in the living room and watched the wind blow and the rain come down. I am always amazed that on one side of the house there is a hurricane and on the opposite side of the house it is nice and calm. 3:00 PM Monday, (the center of Fay is at 24.3 N, 81.6 W, Key West is at 24.5 N, 81.8 W) it is very calm outside. Four hours and it is all over. Not much to write about.

Tuesday: Opened the shutters, put the wind chimes back up. By 9:00 AM, I am sitting on the porch doing my daily Sudoku’s. The sun is out, there is a small breeze and it is beautiful.

Wednesday: The tourists are coming back and everything is getting back to normal. Filled up the little car again, it only took 4 gallons. That makes it 22 gallons for the year and I still have a full tank.

Thursday: I have friends coming for the weekend so I spent some time sweating as I cleaned the upstairs.

Friday nigh was the kick off party, at the Southernmost House on Duval Street, for the King and Queen for Fantasy Fest 2008.

Saturday night was ‘Miss Hawaiian Tropic’ on stage in front of the Hard Rock Café on Duval Street.

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