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This Week on the Island 06/03/2007

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The picture this week is the local Parrot Heads entry into the Minimal Regatta. Our heat had 4 boats, 2 sank and 2 completed the race. We came in second. There were 32 entries this year. More photos at click 'PHOTOS' and then '2007 Minimal Regatta'.

This week I read more of 'The Complete Stories of Mark Twain'.
The Weather: June 1st is the first day of Hurricane Season. Tropical Storm Barry has been dumping rain on us for days. It is headed for the middle of Florida where the Lake Okeechobee basin is located. That is where we really need the rain. The lake has reached an all time low and needs water badly.
There was a big sale at Atlantic Shores this week. They were selling everything, since they are closing to be torn down. No more clothing optional pool , tea dances or Thursday night movies.
The Deli Restaurant on the corner of Truman and Simonton is closing after 50 years.
Living is Paradise is not all 'fun and games'. Last week we purchased a new frig/freezer. We moved all of Jo's stuff out of her office on the enclosed back porch. We moved all the stuff out of the old frig/freezer. We moved the old frig/freezer to Jo's office and then moved all the stuff back into the old frig/freezer. The second day the new frig/freezer arrived and was installed in the spot in the kitchen where the old frig/freezer had been. After it had a chance to cool down, we moved all the stuff from the old frig/freezer to the new frig/freezer. Since the old frig/freezer was still in good condition, I got 3 guys from the VFW to come over and help move it to the upstairs kitchen to replace the old old frig/freezer.
The water heater was leaking so we decided to install a tankless instant water heater. A plumber and an electrician came over to do the job. That took another day.
The next day the old frig/freezer upstairs had cooled down so we move the stuff from the old old frig/freezer to the old frig/freezer and then had to get some guys to help move the old/old frig/freezer down stairs.
The day after that my new electric start electric generator came in and needed to be put together. After testing it, I moved my old pull start electric generator to the front porch so I could sell it. (If you own property here, it is a good thing to own an electric generator in hurricane season.)
The next day it was time to start moving all of Jo's stuff back to her office on the enclosed back porch.
I think we need a vacation.
A new web site you may be interested in is They are on Lazy Way Lane next to the Key West Bight. (Parrot Heads may be interested in lots of MOTM 2006 or Captain Tony's 90th Birthday pictures under Special Events).
The shops on Lazy Lane are still there. The City did not renew the lease with the guy that had it. So now each shop has to deal with the City.
Next Week: Pride Fest.

Key West, You have got to love it
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