Saturday, April 29, 2006

This Week on the Island 04/30/2006

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.
Key West: a city of change. The picture this week is a vacant lot on the corner of Elizabeth and Green (1880's). Conch Republic Seafood is now to the right top of the picture. The only building still standing today is the large brick building to the left. That now is the home of Key West Hand Print Fabrics.

The Weather: The heat and humidity are here. That ceiling fan on the front porch is working well and we have cut the air conditioning on.

This weeks book was 'To Have and Have Not' by Ernest Hemingway. A story about fishing, smuggling, murder and death in and around Key West.

I have spent most of this week working inside the house. Jo wants to replace the kitchen so she has been packing things from the kitchen and I have been removing cabinets. We also have a room that has wood paneling and sheet rock behind that, and I have been removing all of the walls so we can put up new sheet rock. Quite a lot of work for a 62 year old guy with bad knees. I keep finding beer pop tops in the walls. The good news is we have no black mole in the walls from the flooding caused by Hurricane Wilma.

Long live the Conch Republic.

On April 23, 1982 Key West seceded from the Union. The US Government had used the Border Patrol to block all traffic into and out of the Keys. The blockade was near Last Chance Saloon, where you leave the mainland and start your trip into the Keys. They said they were looking for 'illegal aliens', but they were checking under vehicles, inside trunks and even inside glove boxes. Key West seceded from the Union, the Border Patrol moved on and we became the Conch Republic. Our motto is 'We seceded where others failed'.

This Week was The 24th Celebration of The Great Conch Republic.

Friday, April 21, The Great Conch Republic 'Kick off' party at Schooner Wharf

Sat, April 22, The Great Conch Republic 'Drag Races' on Duval Street at the
Burbon Street Complex. This is a race between professional and
amateur Drag Queens and they race in high heels down Duval. Photos at : Click PHOTOS

The 24th Seven Mile Bridge Run

Sunday, April 23, The Green Parrot Great Conch Republic 'Music Festival' at the Green
The Conch Cruiser Car Show. Pictures at:
Monday, April 24, 'A Taste of Key West' at the old sub pins in Truman Annex.

Tuesday, April 25, The 'Captains meeting' for the Great Conch Republic Bloody Sea Battle

Wednesday,April 26, The Great Conch Republic goes 'Hog Wild' at Hogs Breath Saloon

Thursday, April 27, The Great Conch Republic 'VIP Party' at Cheeseburgers on Duval
The Great Conch Republic 'Worlds Longest Parade' it starts at the
Atlantic side of the island and goes all the way down Duval Street to the
Gulf. Pics at

Friday, April 28, The Great Conch Republic 'Raising of the Colors' at Fort Zack and The Great
Land Battle.
The Great Conch Republic 'Bloody Sea Battle' best seen from Mallory Square
The Great Conch Republic 'Naval Parade'
The Great Conch Republic 'Victory Party' at Schooner Wharf
Saturday, April 29, The Great Conch Republic 'Craft Show' on Whitehead Street
The Great Conch Republic 'Conch-cours de Elegant' A car show
at Hurricane Hole
The Great Conch Republic 'Conch Crawl', A bar crawl down Duval
The Great Conch Republic 'VIP Bed Races' on Duval
The Great Conch Republic 'Fiddler's Contest' at the Green Parrot
The Great Conch Republic 'Pajama Party' at Hogs Breath
The Great Conch Republic 'Pirates Ball and Pig Roast' at Schooner Wharf
Sunday, April 30, The Great Conch Republic 'Wreakers Race Finale', best viewed
from Mallory Square
The Great Conch Republic 'Awards Ceremony' at Schooner Wharf
The Great Conch Republic 'Star Gazer Cruise' aboard the Western Union.
Monday, everybody go home and let us get some rest.

Key West, You have got to love it
'Meet me at the end of the road' - Conky Tonkin'- Jimmy Buffett
Doug Bennett
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