Monday, October 09, 2006

This Week on the Island 09/17/2006

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.

Key West: (I am displaying pictures of places the Parrot Heads may want to visit when they come to Key West in November.) The picture this week is Margarittaville. I don't think I need to say anything else.

The Weather: Just another beautiful week in paradise, high 80's in the day and low 80's at night.

This week was a 'Poker Run' or 'Bike Week' as we locals call it. Motorcycles everywhere. They are loud, they are everywhere, but they tip well. September and October are our slowest months and the servers in the restaurants/bars welcome the bikers. Duval Street was closed on Friday and Saturday night and only allows bikes. They back into the curb and park. There are about 250 bikes on each side of a block and they are lined up on the first 3 blocks of Duval and the side streets. It was estimated at over 2,500 bikes. Sloppy Joe's is the center of entertainment. When is the last time you saw a lady only wearing a string bikini bottom riding a Harley down the main street of town?

Schooner Wharf had a 'Welcome Party and Hog Roast' on Friday a 'Paradise Tattoo Contest' and a 'Beach House Bikini Show' on Saturday night.

Key West, You have got to love it
'Meet me at the end of the road' - Conky Tonkin'- Jimmy Buffett
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