Sunday, May 01, 2005

This Week on the Island 05/01/2005

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Weather: The temperature has warmed up again and is in the 80's in the day and 70's at night. The ripe mango's are falling off the trees.

'The Great Conch Republic'. We are now 23 years old. In 1982 the US Boarder Patrol blocked US#1 outside of Florida City. They said they were looking for illegal aliens and stopped all cars leaving or entering the Keys. They looked in trunks, under cars and even in glove boxes and ash trays. Since it was the US Border Patrol, Key West felt that the US considered Key West to be outside the US. So Key West succeeded from the Union and started the Conch Republic. (Our motto is 'We succeeded where others failed').

Each year we celebrate this event by re-enacting many things that never happened in the first place. An example would be: the citizens march to Fort Zackery Taylor to re-enact the capture of the fort for 'The Great Conch Republic. (It never happened). We also have 'The Great Conch Republic' sea battle that never happened.

Friday, April 22, was the kick off party for 'The Great Conch Republic Celebration' at Schooner Wharf Bar. All of the dignitaries of 'The Great Conch Republic' were there. We had 'The Great Conch Republic' conch shell blowing contest and the Caribbean Queen Junkanoo band played.

Saturday was a full day.'The Great Conch Republic' 7 mile bridge run was held at 7:00 AM. There were almost 1,800 participants. All traffic in both directions was stopped for the race. 'The Great Conch Republic' Drag races were held on Duval Street. Extra points were accumulated by any drag queen with heels greater that the mandatory 3 inches. This was followed by 'The Great conch Republic' drag queen foam wrestling match. Makeup was messed up as the queens got into it. The Green Parrot was the host for 'The Great Conch Republic' Royal Investiture Party.

Wednesday was 'The Great Conch Republic' goes hog wild at Hogs Breath saloon. The pajama party and pre-bed race was sponsored by Fairvilla MegaStore

Thursday was 'The Great Conch Republic' Annual Party at the Crowne Plaza La Conch followed by 'The Great Conch Republic' longest parade from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico. (The Southernmost Parrot Heads watched this year). Then there was 'The Great Conch Republic parade party at Schooner Wharf.

Friday was 'The Great Conch Republic' raising of the colors at Fort Zackery Taylor. 'The Great Conch Republic' bloody battle was seen from Mallory Square after 'The Great Conch Republic' naval parade. After the battle there was 'The Great Conch Republic' victory celebration at Schooner Wharf.

Saturday was 'The Great Conch Republic' Craft Fair on Green Street, followed by the 15th annual 'Great Conch Republic' Duval Street Bar Crawl. Then there was the 11th Second annual 'Great Conch Republic' pedicab downhill invitational followed by 'The Great Conch Republic' bed race down Duval. Next was 'The Great Conch Republic' Fiddlers contest at the Green Parrot followed by 'The Great Conch Republic' pig roast at Schooner Wharf.

Sunday was the 15th annual 'Great Conch Republic' Conch Cruiser car show at Schooner Wharf followed by 'The Great Conch Republic' Wreakers Race Finals. It all ended with 'The Great Conch Republic' Stargazer cruise on the Schooner Western Union.

There were people from other Parrot Head Clubs in town and some of them got in touch with me. The Southernmost Parrot Head Club had 2 of our out-of -town members from New York here last week and Doug and Beryl joined us at our monthly Social at Awful Arthur's. This week 2 more of our out-of-town members from Ohio (Rich and Deidre) were here for the Conch Republic Days Celebration.

Key West, You have got to love it
'Meet me at the end of the road' - Conch Token's- Jimmy Buffett
Doug Bennett


I have set up a group named This is where I will post pictures from events around Key West. You may join the group and view the pictures. I have rated it ADULT because some of Key West events, like 'Fantasy Fest', allows body painting, but there should be no pictures in this bunch to offend anyone..