Tuesday, March 01, 2005

This week on the Island 11/21/2004

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Nascar at sea. Nov 15 - Nov 21st, 2004, Key West Offshore World Championships Power Boat Racing: Nov 19th - Nov 21st, 2004, Offshore Worlds Billfish Tournament. Looks like a busy week.

The Power Boat Parade was Down Duval on Sunday evening. Lots of really big boats. The race is run Offshore in the Key West Harbor from Fort Zackery to Mallory Square and back.
Helicopters fly overhead in case of an accident and also to keep a look out for sea turtles. Mainly these guys sit in the harbors and bights all day racing their engines and making lots of noise. BUT, they have lots of money and spend big and tip big. The boats are put in the water at the old navy submarine ramp in Truman Annex. It is a 'hell of a ramp'. They enter the harbor from the old Navy submarine pin that was used in WWII.

Wednesday one of the boats caught on fire and another flipped. Friday the boats were lined up on Duval Street so we could all get a close look at them. Saturday was a beautiful day for racing. Sunday is the last day for racing but most people were leaving Sunday morning. I guess they have to get back to 'the real world'. The weather is clear and in the low 80's with very little humidity. I love this time of year.

Go to http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3842331/?GT1=5809 and click slideshow for week Nov 11-18. The first picture is of the boat race in the Key West Harbor.

'America's Most Wanted ' was in town this week filming 'Southernmost Most Wanted'. It was on TV Saturday night so by the time you get this you will have missed it.

If you are thinking of it, I suggest 'Quite your Job and Move to Key West' by Christopher Shultz and David L. Sloan. It is a little out of date and the prices are quite a bit higher now.

Key West, You have got to love it
'Meet me at the end of the road' - Conchy Tonkin'- Jimmy Buffett
Doug Bennett

I would like to thank everyone that pointed out 'Memorial Day' instead of 'Veterans Day' in last weeks writtings.