Saturday, February 26, 2005

This Week on the Island 11/23/2003

'This week on the Island' is written by Doug Bennett and is an update to friends about happenings in Key West last week. Everything is true except for those parts that are lies.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I have been requested to re-do the walk I took with the dog, but do it in a different direction. It seems that to some people it brings back memories of Key West.

The Southernmost Parrot Head Club did a charity auction recently and received enough money to adopt 3 class rooms. I printed 'Thank You' notes and walked with Wyleigh Dog to deliver them. We went out the front door and took a right and stopped at 'Scrubs' on the corner of Caroline and Pecan. Then we went to 'Pepe's' and crossed the street to 'B. O.'s' on the corner of Caroline and Williams. Next was the 'Fresh Market' on the Key West Bight. We went to 'Stars and Strips' and 'Freedom Tours' up by 'Turtle Kraals' and 'Half Shell Raw Bar'. Then we followed the board walk along the bight and went to 'The Schooner America', 'SunSet Water Sports', 'Sebago's, 'Sunny Days', and stopped in at Schooner Wharf to visit 'Michael McCloud'. We proceeded to the corner of Green and Elizabeth to say thank you to Kermit at 'The Key Lime Pie Company', we went across the street to 'The Captains Corner' and 'The Conch Republic Seafood Company', and then stopped at 'Peppers' on Green Street. Next was a thank you to 'Last Flight Out' across from 'Sloppy Joe's' then 'Hog's Breath' and a thank you David Goodman who was performing there. We went around the corner to Front Street and 'Historic Tours' (the Conch Train) and then headed up Whitehead to the post office to pick up some mail. We left the post office and went to 'Margarittaville' and then on up Duval Street to 'Beads of Distinction' (next to Crabby Dicks). Now it was time to head toward home so we went by Bank of America to check for mail for Jo and then went to 'The Curry Mansion' on Caroline Street, 'Mary O'Shae's' on Simonton then to Tim & Donna's on Elizabeth Street. Next it was time to head to home on Caroline and rest. I still have a few Thank You Notes to deliver but they are out near the shopping centers.

This week I finished 'Scavenger Reef' by Laurence Shames. The library here has many of his books. The story is about a Key West artist that goes sailing and ends up missing for 4 months. His art work become worth a lot of money (because they think he is dead) and many of his friend have painting. He reappears after 4 months and his friend realize they are not going to get rich by selling pictures. There are repeated attempts on his life so the paintings will remain valuable. Interesting book. I'll get another one of his books from the library for next week.

This week is Off Shore Power Boat Racing. It is kind of like NASCAR at sea. They run around in circles, just off shore of Mallory Square, with helicopters flying over head in case of an accident. The helicopters are equipped with rescue personal that can jump into the sea to rescue boat drivers. Anyway, Jo and I were walking Wyleigh Dog down toward Mallory Square Tuesday night when we ran into a parade of the boats coming up Whitehead to Front and making a right on Duval and going on up Duval. We stood at the corner of Front and Duval and enjoyed watching them try to get their Big Riggs with boat and trailer to make that right turn. The time trials were Wednesday and the race was delayed for about an hour because two sea turtles were mating in the waters off Mallory Square. Friday night the boats were on display on Duval Street and the races were run Saturday and Sunday.

Wyleigh Dog and I were taking a walk on Monday afternoon when we ran into Frank Everhart over at Jimmy Buffett's 'Secret' recording studio on the Key West Bight. (Frank is a member of the Southernmost Parrot Head Club and Social Chairman. He also does a Magic Show at Schooner Wharf Bar). Wyleigh and I were invited into the studio to do a tour. Buffett was NOT there.

Nevada Dog is still with us but he cannot make the long walks anymore. I take him for walks around the block.

Doug Bennett
Key West You have got to love it.